Travelling Around The United Kingdom

Travelling not only provides an opportunity to see some of the most amazing natural landmarks, animals as well as various manmade features but it also provides an opportunity to learn and experience different cultures, languages, technologies and so on. The United Kingdom, composed of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is bestowed with an array of diverse natural and manmade attraction centres that catapults it to the top of the list of places to visit. What options do you have, how and where can you find the best hotels in scotland for your accommodation?

Places of Interest in the United Kingdom

The diversity of the attraction sites in the United Kingdom makes it hard to visit all in a single trip. The historic cities, the beautiful scenery in the Lake District, the museums, entertainment theatres, the beautiful countryside, the medieval castles and the mansions are some of the most frequented sites. But where should you start? 

The Cambridge City provides a variety of cultural, architectural and entertainment options to you irrespective of whether you are travelling with your family or friends. The Cambridge University Botanical garden boasts of an impressive eight thousand species of a winter garden, flowers and mature trees. This is a great learning opportunity and a safe haven for nature lovers. River Cam provides a serene environment to learn and experience Punting, a water activity that involves using a pole to steer a flat-bottomed boat. The city is also ideal for various outdoor activities including cycling and walking.  

The Lake District is the second largest National Park in the United Kingdom and has a beautiful range of tranquil lakes, hills and mountains ranges that are ideal for paddle boarding, hiking and climbing. The Lake District also includes a number of tiny villages that you can explore to Learn more about the cultural heritage of its dwellers. Overall, the beautiful scenery acts as a great backdrop for capturing memories.
Another National Park that you ought to visit is Snowdonia. It provides a three hundred and sixty degree view of the coast, mountains and the valleys below. Snowdown, located in Snowdonia has the largest Lake in Wales as well as the highest Mountain in wales and England. If you find mountain climbing and hiking fun, then Snowdonia is a must stop. However, the railway line also ensures that those who may not like hiking can enjoy the great views albeit in comfort and style.

If you enjoy a trip down memory lane and old-school architecture, Edinburgh which boasts of over 4500 historic buildings and sites should be your first stop. The Old and New Towns, The Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile Street, The White Hart Inn, the Grassmarket and The Scottish National Portrait Gallery are some of the most frequented areas that might be of interest to you. In August, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Event showcases some of the best tattoos in the Military. 

Stonehenge, The Scottish Highlands, Chester, London, York, Cornwall, Norwich, Jurassic Coast also offer a number of attractive sites, sceneries and places of interest. Since it proves hard to fit everything in one trip, you could prioritise the most interesting cities to you and then plan other trips to experience what the other cities have to offer.

Finding Hotels in Scotland

What is your budget? Are you travelling on your own or in a group? Do you need to be strategically located near major transport lines, the beach or any other preferred area? How long will you be staying in any given hotel? After answering these questions, you can now embark on finding the most suitable accommodation. You must also look at the level of comfort offered by the hotel, entertainment options or activities, your security and whether the hotel can pick you up from the airport and drop you off the last day or even, whether they organise tours for its guests. Lastly, the process of identifying and booking the most viable hotels for your trip must be completed early. This is especially recommended if you are travelling during the peak season as the hotels can be overbooked.